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Bee Ridge,Florida
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To the first anonymous response I suggest you go back and read thoroughly before you respond.

I never said I bought the bike with a warranty, I said that the salesperson guaranteed (verbally) that the bike was and I quote again "A good bike!" One thing I did however leave out was I went to Rossiters because a very dear lady who I know from work found out I was thinking about getting a newer bike than the one I had said she had a immediate family relative that worked there and she promised me that this person would definitely take care of me. And I being a trusting soul and I really like the lady who pointed me in Rossiters direction.

I suggest that you read thoroughly before you respond to any post.

That was the reason I was so trusting when I went to Rossiters Harley Davidson.

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Rossiters Harley Davidson - 2001 Harley Davidson Flhpi Road King Review from Bee Ridge, Florida

Bee Ridge,Florida
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Price Affordability

I purchased a 2001 FLHPI from Rossiters Harley Davidson in Sarasota,Florida on July 3,2015 and was guaranteed has the salesperson said " It was a really good bike!" Well, that was a lot of baloney!! I had a minor problem within the first four days with a bad battery, but that they replaced thankfully. Before the second payment had even cleared the bank I had a major problem. I had called Rossiters to see about getting an oil change because I could sense there was something not quite right. They said that I had to make an appointment. Well, this isn't my first bike and I've never had to make an appointment. So I took the bike to my regular shop to have the oil changed. When the mechanic drained the oil he called me over. He pointed out that there was metal shavings in the oil. I told him to start tearing it apart to see what the problem was. Well it didn't take long for him to find the problem. The cam chain tensioners had started to come apart. I was told by the owner of the shop that on that model the cam chain tensioners should have been replaced at 30,000 miles as part of a normal maintenance service, I bought my bike and it had over 32,000 miles on it. I asked my mechanic to go ahead and repair the bike for me. I went to Rossiters and told them of the problem and they acted like they could care less. They also asked why I didn't bring the bike to them for repairs and I told them that I had been dealing with the same motorcycle repair shop for the last 10 years and they had always been honest,fair and reasonable with me and I felt that they had been deceptive with me!

I didn't say anything else to them and haven't heard anything back except emails advising sales and events. Evidently, all Rossiters cares about is taking my money.

Granted I bought the bike used with no warranty but I feel the bike should have run longer then a month and a half before having to spend $1497.00 on a repair bill.

I love Harleys, but it will snow in the

Sahara before I ever spend any money at Rossiters Harley Davidson ever again!

Thank goodness there's plenty of other dealerships in Florida, and ones that have a better reputation than them. All I have to say is "Harley buyer, BEWARE of Rossiters Harley Davidson in Sarasota, Florida!"

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sux bro. They should have done a oil change on a used bike, they would have noticed.

There service blows and I agree with you only care about the money. Only good thing about that place is , oh ya nothing.


Every body that owned a 2000-2001 Knew 3 things things on that 88 motor in short order.


Cam Bearings & Cam plate & oil pumps were F-Kin weak

2. Merrilli injection was a POS. (powerjet tuner would fix it)

3. Spring tension on the Cam tensioners would wear out the shoes in 20K to 30k.

Harley had no Maintenance interval to check these. Could play havoc on the rest of the engine parts. Dont feel bad the first two i had to find out the hard way.

I was lucky enough to catch the Cam chain tensioners before they failed. Actually cost about 3K to fix what harley should have done in the production of the 88s.

I sill Ride em and keep fixing their mistakes. Just in my Blood!!!


Your post is full of flaws. You said the bike was guaranteed but then said you bought it at is.

You say you have never had to make an appointment for service but latter say you usually use another shop. Did you bother to ask about service records that would have shown normal maintenance had been done?

Sounds like you may have been too excited about buying a new bike to really check out how good it was before you bought it. Keep in mind that a salesman gets paid for selling you a product and isn't the best source of information if that information may cost them a commission.


This is a good example of the reality that you can not a trust a salesman at a Harley dealer concerning older Bikes... But you have to do your home work, on the known defects of certain models.

Before buying a used bike... Like the twin cam chain tensioners coming apart... Or on other twin cam years... The compensator nut assembly comes apart.

Severely damaging the primary chain assembly ...Bad hydraulic clutch master cylinders, that fail... So a rider can't disengage the clutch... Very dangerous!!...There's a whole list of defects, concerning different years... You got to know these things before you buy...And find out if these problems have been identified, and repaired on any bike you might consider buying..

I'm sorry, you learned this the hard way... I am sorry... But you definitely can not trust a salesman, when it comes to buying an older Harley... Often they don't even know what's wrong with the specific models they sell...

They just push them out the door...

I'm sorry you went through this... Hard lesson.

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